GW Rodriguez

Sound Designer/Composer

A sound design and composition portfolio

One Flea Spare

Playwright: Naomi Wallace Director: Jeffery Stanton Produced: Boston University


Four people are forced to live together for twenty-eight days to ensure they are not infected by the second bubonic plague.  A conservative married couple, the Snelgrave’s, are shocked by two separate people that break into their house:  Bunce, a sailor and a little girl, Morse, who pretends to be one of the Snelgrave’s friends daughters.  Bunce brings forth a whole new way of perceiving the world and brings utter joy to everyone but Mr. Snelgrave.  In the end, Mrs. Snelgrave falls in love with Bunce and intends on leaving her husband for the exciting sailor.  But  she is unable to leave with Bunce because she becomes infected with the plague.